Lack of feeding in Comboni secondary school affects afternoon learning

The lack of feeding in Comboni secondary school in Agok of Abyei Administrative Area affected afternoon learning.

The Principal of Comboni secondary school, Joseph Machuke confirmed to Abyei FM. He said since the beginning of third term, there is no teaching in the afternoon, students go home at 12pm and do not come back to school until the following day. He added they have called for parents’ meeting tomorrow. Moreover, he said the school gets feeding from Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation.

Matter has been reported to the office, but it has not yet responded according to Machuke.

One of the female students in senior 3, Adhar Malith, expresses how she feels.

“According to me is very bad because after lunch when we leave, we don’t come back, they use to teach us three subjects after lunch, I urge those who are listening to me outside there to help us so that we are taught remaining three subjects and also my brothers and sisters at school to be patient and stay at school up to 1pm”

Abyei FM tried to contact the office of Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation but no response.