Some residents in Agok suffer shortage of clean drinking water

Water storage tank in Mabuny South in Agok, Abyei Administrative Area | Credit: Rose Monytoch Dau | AIRS 2021

The residents of Mabuny South in Agok in Abyei Administrative Area are still facing shortage of clean drinking water.

The water station in their area has stopped working leading to overcrowding on the few functional water points.

The residents said they suffer getting clean water and appealed to authorities and humanitarian organizations to repair the water point.

Nyandeng Manyiel, one of the locals asked authorities to turn the water tank into a borehole for cheaper maintenance.

The head of Mabuny South residential committee, Mr. Lual Deng Akanon, said the spare parts of the water tank have been bought from Sudan but the delivery to Abyei is delayed by the current political crisis in that country.

He called on the residents to be patient saying that the government will work out a solution to this problem. Clean water shortage was reported in this area since last month.