Customary law review conference to kick off on Thursday

Ngok Dinka members attend a workshop on Ngok Dinka Customary Law Review last September 2021 in Agok | credit Chol Ayiik Chol

A conference during which Dinka customary law will be reviewed will take place in Abyei Administrative Area on Thursday. The event will continue for three days and is expected to be attended by fifty including chiefs, women, and youths.

Recently, two workshops on customary law were held and participants agreed that face scarification, removal of lower teeth and forced marriage should be ended.

The legal advisor, Justice Deng Biong Mijak said they aim at explaining the recommendations on customary law written in the previous workshops held in Agok and Abyei Town.

On his part, Chief Arop Kuol Kon said the incidents that occurred in the area have affected the customary laws.

He added that the community will commit to the outcomes of the conference. The recommendations when passed by the conference will be compiled into a booklet and its copies will then be distributed to all courts in the area.

Chief Kon expects that the recommendations for the conference will be accepted by the community.

The conference is organized by Abyei Area Administration with support from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).