Training on J&J Vaccine kicks off in Abyei Area

One of vaccine recipients displays Coronavirus vaccination card at Juoljok Primary Health Care Center after getting vaccinated on 10-09-2021 | Photo credit: Deng Korchiek Ayom | AIRS

The Director of the Expanded Program on Immunization in Abyei Administrative Area Yusuf Lal Ayom said they will be having a one-day training on J&J covid-19 vaccine in Ameth-beek hospital on Monday this week.

The training will be conducted by the International Organization for Migration in partnership with the health administration and department of expanded program for immunization in Abyei.

Ayom said the aim of the training is to teach health workers on how to administer J&J covid-19 vaccine. He added the training will be attended by fourteen participants from the department of expanded program for immunization.

Yusuf added that the vaccination will start after the training.

Last week, the area received over ninety doses of J&J vaccines against the coronavirus. Abyei Administrative Area  has so far recorded more than 210 cases of the Coronavirus with 11 deaths.