Customary law review workshop ends in Abyei

From left to right, Ngok Dinka Paramount Chief Bulabek Deng Kuol, Abyei Chief Administrator Kuol Deim Kuol, head of administration of education, information, culture you and sports, Hon. Ajak Deng Miyen and Ameth-aguok county commissioner Hon. Nyok Deng Rou.

A workshop on customary law for Alal and Ameth-Aguok counties in Abyei Administrative Area concluded on Saturday. The event ended with recommendations addressing some harmful traditional practices such as scarification, removal of lower teeth, bridegroom breakfast and forced marriages.

” We started the workshop with the participants agreeing that marriage should be endorsed by girl and boy, girl’s family and boy’s family”   Justice Deng Biong Mijak, facilitator of the workshop explained.

“It has been agreed that a girl must be returned quickly after elopement and returning the lady with buckets of items has been abolished.” Mijak added.

Meanwhile, the Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, Kuol Deim Kuol said holding the workshop is the beginning of community’s recovery from intruding cultures and pledged to implement the outcomes of the workshop conducted in all the counties in Abyei Area.

” This time, the citizens have a role, and the government has a role in the community and the outcomes of the workshop will be applied by groups in the community and others will be applied by the government and will work in partnership with each other,” Deim said.

The representative of IOM in Abyei, Nephian Mitch said that she was happy with results of the workshop especially the participation of women in the court. She added that they will continue supporting the community.

A similar training was held and attended by chiefs, women, and youth in Rumamer and Mijak counties.

A community conference will be held next month for share the outcome of the workshop and how to implement them.