Wildlife and chamber of commerce warn to detain donkeys, fine owners

File photo | AIRS 2021

Wildlife unit and chamber of commerce in Abyei Administrative Area have warmed warned to arrest or fine those who allow their donkeys to roam at night.

 The chairperson of chamber of commerce in Rumamer county said they will detain donkeys moving in the markets at night, starting from Monday.

 Mr. Bagat Kur Bagat stated that the animals have been destroying people’s belongings at night. He said they have already bought ropes to tie donkeys they will be caught at odd hours.

For his part the director of wildlife, Mr. Deng Juac says people are not taking care of their donkeys.

One of the donkey owners agreed with the decision. Mr. Piot Guem said the initiative will prevent problems between donkey owners and the community.