Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine arrives in Abyei Area

Head of Health Administration, Dr. Ayom Korchiek Ayom | Photo credit: Deng Korchiek Ayom | AIRS

Doses of Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine against the coronavirus have arrived in Abyei Administrative Area.  

The caretaker head of health department, Dr Ayom Korchek Ayom told Abyei FM on Tuesday. He says they have received more than 90 doses. Vaccination of people against Covid-19 using J&J vaccine will begin this week according to Dr. Ayom.

The health official also said, more doses of AstraZeneca vaccine will arrive next month. Dr. Ayom cautioned those who have received AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine not to take J&J jab. J&J vaccine is a single dose jab that boosts immunity against COVID-19.   

Last month, South Sudan has received more than 150,000 doses of Johnson and Johnson donate by US government through COVAX facility. 

More than 1250 people in Abyei Administrative Area have had taken their first or second jab of AstraZeneca vaccine. As of last week, Abyei Area has over 210 confirmed cases of coronavirus infections including 11 deaths.