Mijak county caretaker commissioner appeal for fishing tools as floods affect farming



From Left to right: Caretaker Commissioner of Mijak County, Hon. Chol Adhol Monyjok, Head of Administration of Physical Infrastructure, Public Utilities and Communication, Hon. Mayot Kunit Miyen and Deputy Chief Administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, Hon. Chol Thuc Chol Guiny during Ngok Dinka Customary Law Review Workshop in Juoljok last week. | Credit: Abyei Administrative Area media team.

The caretaker commissioner of Mijak County in Abyei Administrative Area has appealed to humanitarian organizations to support people in his county with fishing tools.

 Hon. Chol Adhol said floods and green eating birds have destroyed farming this year. He stated that the locals could benefit from the floodwaters through fishing and be able to buy sorghum.