Government promises to repair Mabuony mini water yard

Caretaker Head of Administration of Physical Infrastructure, Public Utilities and Communication Hon. Myot Kunit Miyen | File photo

The head of administration of physical infrastructure, public utilities and communication in Abyei Administrative Area has promised to repair a broken mini water yard in Mabuony in Agok.

Hon. Mayot Kunit was speaking during “Abyei Today” show on Abyei FM on Monday evening. He said his administration has taken necessary steps to repair the water point.

The manager of the water yard has attributed the problem to technical issues in the pump. Mr. Mawien Deng Biong has confirmed that the pump has been purchased by the administration and will arrive on Wednesday. He said the water yard will be repaired this week.

Mabuony residents have been complaining shortage of clean drinking water after the water yard stopped operation in August. The mini water yard was serving hundreds of families in both Mabuony south and Mabuony north.