Air company pleads to authorities to upgrade Agok airstrip


South West Aviation plane at Agok Airstrip in 2019 | File photo


Air transport company based in Juba is urging the government to upgrade Agok airstrip. Agok Logistics offers regular weekly flights to and fro Agok.

The manager of Agok Logistics branch in Agok, Amiir Chol Dau spoke to Abyei FM on Tuesday.

Chol said they are requesting the authorities to fence and extend the airstrip to enhance safety and business expansion.

He also added that big planes do not land in the airstrip because of its narrow and short runway.

He said they endure financial cost to hire people who guard the airstrip from animals and pedestrians upon planes landing and takeoffs.

In response, the caretaker head of Administration of physical infrastructure, public utilities, and communication Hon. Mayot Kunit has urged the company to officially engage them.

Agok airstrip was constructed in 2008 to enhance humanitarian and commercial air operations.