Community police arrest more suspects over abortion case in Abyei Area

Detention facility at Agok Police Station
Detention facility at Agok Community Police Station in Abyei Administrative Area

Community police arrested a medical worker and a boyfriend of a girl accused of terminating her pregnancy in Abyei Administrative Area over the weekend. Last week, police found a body of a fetus dumped into a pit latrine in Madiing-jokthiang in Agok.

Two girls were arrested on suspicion of helping their friend abort her fetus. The 17-year-old accused of abortion was taken to hospital for treatment.

The Director of Community Police in Rumamer county, Anyiel Agon says a medic who works at MSF hospital, is a suspect because he gave the girl the medicine to conduct abortion.

Agon said police are still investigating the partner of the girl to find out whether he was involved in planning the abortion.

The police officer mentioned the girl is in good health at the hospital where she is receiving treatment.