Authorities warn people crossing rivers as three drowned in Alal & Mijak counties

Alal county caretaker commissioner, Hon. Akuei akoon Weil | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2021

Two people died from drowning in the river in Alal county of Abyei Administrative Area this month.
The caretaker Commissioner of Alal county, Hon. Akuei Akoon Weil said the first person aged 65 years was trying to cross the river when he got drowned in Aganytok and his body is still being searched in the river.

According to Hon. Weil, the second man aged 60 went to the river to fish in Minyang Anyiel village but never returned. It is believed that he also got drowned. Hon. Weil warned people to be cautious when crossing the river locally known as Kiir.


On the same story, the caretaker Commissioner of Mijak county has warned people against crossing the river at night hours.

Hon. Chol Adhol says crossing the river is dangerous to people especially when the river is overflowing. He mentioned that a person drowned in the river in his county two weeks ago.