Official promises to provide training on local cultures

The director of culture in the department of education, information, culture, and youths and sports in Abyei Administrative Area has promised to teach young generations of Ngok Dinka various types of local cultures.

Mr. Deng Milek Ajuet disclosed this in an interview with Abyei FM on Thursday. He said they will be conducting cultural shows involving competitions in counties to encourage young people to appreciate their cultures.

According to Ajuet, winners of the cultural exhibitions will be awarded. He went on to say that they will meet with all the spiritual heads of Ngok Dinka age groups to discuss the culture of Ngok Dinka. The official also pledged to provide drums for people to practice traditional dances in the counties.

The local culture is on the verge of disappearance in the face of foreign cultures.

Lal Kuot, a member of “Mangeny” one of the Ngok Dinka age groups appreciated the idea. He is happy to have someone helping them train people on culture.