Four health facilities in Abyei get drug supplies

Head of Health Administration, Dr. Ayom Korchiek Ayom | Photo credit: Deng Korchiek Ayom | AIRS

The health facilities in Abyei Administrative Area have been supplied with medicines. The drugs were purchased with money from the administration, and  delivered to the area on Monday.

The facilities given medicines are Ameth-beek hospital, Abyei hospital, Agok hospital and Madiing Achueng.

The assorted medicines include anti-malaria and antibiotics. The supplies are expected to last for three months according to health official.

In the previous months, these treatment centres faced shortage of drugs. This limited access to health services especially for those who could not afford treatment at private clinics.

The caretaker head of health, Dr. Ayom Korchiek Ayom said other twelve primary health care centers are being supported by Health Pooled Fund, South Sudan.