Rumamer county authorities’ fine man for environmental pollution

Agok Adminstrative Unit Headquarters in Rumamer County | Credit: AIRS

Authorities in Rumamer County in Abyei Administrative Area have ordered a man they accused of causing environmental pollution to pay 40,000 SSP as a fine. 

 The punishment was agreed and imposed after the investigation was concluded on Wednesday.  

 According to Mr. Dau Achuil Ayuel, the inspector of public and environmental health in the county, the fine was reduced because the accused is not a direct offender. 

 The man accused  had hired another person to remove waste from his pit latrine but the contractor who was said to be drunk poured the sewage in the water way which led it to the main market. His action, according to eyewitness caused chaos in the market. 

The accused agreed to pay the fine. The health official warned the public to avoid polluting the environment or face severe punishments.