Abyei municipality renews restrictions on hotel businesses

Abyei Municipality Executive Director Dut Piok Amuor | Credit: Apuol Ngor Agok | AIRS 2020

Abyei municipality has issued a local order restricting women and girls from staying in hotels. The order banned couples in an undocumented relationship and single women, and girls from seeking accommodation in hotels in the town. It requires couples to show copies of their marriage certificate or its equivalent to get a room in the lodge.

 The Executive Director, Mr. Dut Piok Amuor argued that the motive of the decision is to preserve the values of the community. He warned that hotel owners who violate the order will have their trading licenses revoked.

Amuor said female travelers will be accommodated in chief residences. The paramount chief of Ngok Dinka supports the order.

Chief Bulabek Deng Kuol said accommodating a visitor in the chief’s house is one of the traditions and norms of the Ngok Dinka.