Over thirty teachers get allowances in Abyei Area

A teacher counts his money in education office in Abyei Town on Aug 24, 2021 | Photo credit: Chol Ayiik Chol

Thirty-four primary school teachers in Mijak, Alal and Rumamer counties in Abyei Administrative Area received allowances on Tuesday. Each teacher received 10,000 SSP for two months, July and August as a top up to their monthly salaries.

The teaching staff who got the incentives are from Mijak, Aganytok, Rumamer and Noong primary schools. The support comes from Father Tim Filament, of the catholic church with the aim to improve education in rural areas.

The project manager of Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation, Mr. Kuol Deng Biong is also the supervisor of teachers’ incentives. Mr. Biong says the project is to support the return of people to their villages, confirming that the scheme will continue until December 2023.