Man kills a student in Abyei

Abyei Town Community Police Station | Credit: Achai Biong Arop | AIRS


A man believed to be mentally ill, killed a 25-year-old student in Agok in Abyei Administrative Area.

Eyewitness told police the suspect hit the man on the head with a club in Mabuny residential area on Thursday.

“These two young men came to sell a cow. After they sold out the bull with 80,000 SSP, they ran to their Auntie’s house, when it started raining. They found their mentally retarded sibling in the room. The mentally ill person felt uneasy when he saw them. He attacked them, he hit the older boy with the club in the back of his head and injured the younger boy. The person was taken to MSF hospital where he died at 9 PM,”  Rumamer County Community Police Director, Anyiel Agon Arop explained.

The police said the 35-year-old accused was sent to the hospital for a mental fitness test. The accused and the deceased were cousins, according to the police.

The victim came from Mayen Abun village in Warrap State to sell a cow in order to raise money for his tuition fee. He was admitted to the University of Juba for studies.