Five-day workshop on Ngok Dinka customary law review concludes in Abyei



In front row, Ngok Dinka Paramount Chief Bulabek Deng Kuol (C), Abyei Deputy C.A  Hon. Chol Thuc Chol (L) and Chief Arop Kuol Kon on his right attend a workshop on Ngok Dinka customary law review in Abyei Town on 17-08-2021 | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2021

Ngok Dinka chiefs are set to revise customary law regulating marriage and blood compensation in Abyei Administrative Area.

This was agreed during a five-day workshop on Ngok Dinka customary law concluded in Abyei Town on Tuesday.

The event was attended by more than 70 people including chiefs, youths, women, police, officials, and representatives from the neighboring states and Ruweng Administrative Area.

It was organized with generous support from the International Organization for Migration.

The spokesperson of Ngok Dinka chiefs, Bagat Makuac Abiem said they have identified bad and beneficial traditional practices during the workshop and the final decision will be made by chiefs.

“Participants are observed that there are bad things and good things, the bad things which are not needed by the community, we will go back to our communities and explain to them,” Chief Abiem said.

On his part, Justice Deng Biong Mijak, who facilitated the training said the beneficial customary laws will be documented as reference to traditional courts.

The representative of Gogrial county chiefs said the explanation on the customary laws was important to them.

Dut Malou said they will pass the information to their community to ensure there is change.

On her part, the chairperson of Abyei Women’s Association called for representation of women in the traditional courts.
Shima Deng said the presence of a woman in the courts is basic because there are some things that cannot be investigated without a woman.

According to Deng, some women risk losing court cases due to shyness to speak out before men.

In response, Chief Akonon Ajuong said women have the right to be part of the traditional courts and promised that the issue will be discussed with communities at the clan levels.