Muslims in Abyei mark Eid al-Adha with call for peace and unity

Muslims pray in the mosque, Agok, AAA on Tuesday, 20 July 2021 photo credit |Chol Ayiik| AIRS|

Muslims in Abyei Administrative Area are celebrating Eid al-Adha – an Islamic festival held months after Ramadhan, with call for peace and unity in Abyei and South Sudan.

Speaking in Agok on Tuesday, the first day of the three-day long celebration, the secretary general of Islamic Council in Abyei Yousif Lal Ayom stressed the need for the communities to unite to achieve peace and stability in Abyei and South Sudan.

The religious leader congratulated Muslims across the world and wished them happy celebration.

“We want to pass a message to all my Muslim brethren and all people of South Sudan in all corners of the area; happy new year, may our God bless this area with faith and safety and to bring peace among us and our neighbours in Muglad so that we live in peace and safety,” Yousif said.

Yousif also prayed for God’s intervention in resolving the problem of Abyei, the oil rich Ngok Dinka cradle land contested between South Sudan and Sudan, saying, “May our God solve the complicated issue of Abyei.”

On his part, Sheik Adam Issa Ahamad indicated that the importance of marking the event was to show tolerance and togetherness. Ahmad said they were celebrating this year with more freedom compared to last year.