Livestock vaccination campaign launched in Abyei

Veterinary worker vaccinates a cow in Ameth-beek vaccination site on Monday, 19 July 2021 photo| Chol Ayiik |AIRS|

Abyei Administration with support from, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO, on Monday launched a free 15-day vaccination campaign targeting 40,000 livestock in the area.

The director general of agriculture, animal resource, forestry, and fisheries, Rou Manyiel Rou says the doses are being given to protect animals against diseases including blood poison, anthrax, and black quarter. 100 dogs will also be vaccinated, Rou adds.

Speaking at Ameth-beek – the vaccination site in Abyei town, the chief administrator of Abyei Administrative Area, Kuol Deim Kuol thanked FAO for their service and appealed to herders to ensure that their animals get vaccinated. 

“First of all, I want to thank and appreciate UN-Food and Agriculture Organization and the donor community, European Union. I want to thank them for providing the vaccine for the livestock in the area as a whole. Also, I want to appeal to all our herders, all pastoralists to make all their livestock available for the vaccination. When you vaccinate livestock, the livestock become healthy,” Hon. Deim said.

Ngor Chol Ajing, a herder who owns 300 cows in Abyei, said he was happy to have his livestock vaccinated.

“The information I have known since I was young about keeping cattle is that vaccination protects the cattle from dangerous diseases that cannot be treated even if I get medicines.  So, vaccination can help in keeping the cow healthy,” Ngor said.

Meanwhile, the Manager of Food and Agriculture Organization in Abyei, Romeo Sabrino appealed to the community to cooperate with the vaccinators for the success of the campaign.

Last year, the administration with support from FAO conducted an area-wide vaccination campaign targeting 45,000 livestock in the contested region of Abyei.