Three people killed and one injured in Abiemnom


An AK-47 rifle used by most gunmen in South Sudan

Gunmen killed three people and injured one in Abiemnom East County of Ruweng Administrative Area.The wounded identified as director of education in Abiemnom was taken to hospital in Agok. The men were shot dead in three separate incidents.

“In an area called “Awila” one from Abiemnom was killed. He was killed by unknown gunmen at a charcoal making site, and today, Thursday, a soldier with a rank of regimental officer who was belonging to the forces guarding oil in “Jawic” area located 5 kilometers from Abiemnom East,” Mawien Majith, executive director of Abiemnom East County, explains. Majith advised people to move in group to reduce risk of attack.

Miakol Makuei is the director of public relations in Ruweng Administrative Area. He says the third person was shot dead during exchange of gunfire between local youth and suspected gunmen from Unity State.

Abyei FM could not reach authorities in Mayom County immediately.