Livestock vaccination kicks off in Abyei next week

Cattle graze in Majok Noon Warrap state | Credit: Arou David|AIRS

A three week-long vaccination of cattle against deadly diseases will begin in Abyei Administrative Area next week.

“The vaccination will start on 19th, July and it will cover the whole Abyei area. We call upon the cattle owners to bring their animals near and fencing them and inform us where they are, we will go to them and do the vaccination to their animals,” Rou Manyiel Rou, director general of agriculture, animal resources, forestry and fisheries announced.

The exercise done yearly with support from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – UN-FAO, was scheduled for June, but was postponed due to some technical issues, Rou says.

Rou assured that all the arrangements for the vaccination are now completed.

“We will also have communication with them to agree on how their animals will be vaccinated and when. We are going to vaccinate animals against infectious dermatitis, foot rot and foot and mouth diseases,” Rou added.

A livestock owner will be required to pay 200 South Sudanese Pounds per vial of a vaccine, which according to Rou will be used to support volunteers who will be administering the vaccine doses.