National NGO delivers humanitarian assistance to conflict affected population in Abyei

People receive non-food items in Dokura on 6 July 2021.  Photo: Chan Chol Malek

A national non-governmental organization called Hold the Child is distributing non-food items to vulnerable people in the conflict affected villages in Abyei Administrative Area.

The relief agency gave plastic sheets, blankets, women inner wears and household utensils to more than 270 people in Dokora on Tuesday and 128 others on Wednesday in Kolom in ALal County. 

“The assistance will help to improve the situation. I want to thank Dokura residents for being here over two years ago even if there is a conflict in the area. I want to thank them for that. I want to thank the NGO for visiting and supporting us,” Chol Deng Madut, chief of Dokura village said on Wednesday.

Achol Garang, a woman in Dokura after receiving a plastic sheet, mosquito net and some clothes, appreciated the organization.

Asunta Angong Abiem who works as field coordinator for Hold the Child says their program targets vulnerable groups such as widows, the elderly and people affected the most by conflict.

“Of course, there are some old people who have people who support them, but there are some people who do not have people who provide support to them. The IDPs who are displaced from where they live are the ones they help. They also help children who are away from their families. As of now, we have made an assessment in Kolom and Dokura, we did not register all the returnees, but just 485 returnees. Some from Amiet, Kolom, Dokura and 20 from those who come from Khartoum.” Asunta said.

 Asunta assured the conflict affected population in Noong and Amiet will get similar support. The aid worker added that the organization wants to reach more 750 people in need in Abyei.

On his part, Deng Wuor, the director of administration and finance for Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) in Abyei Administrative Area says the commission in collaboration with the organization will assess the condition of retrunees in Dunguob and Mabok.