Warrap State health ministry urges public to hurry for vaccination against Covid-19

South Sudanese health officials led by Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs, Tut Gatluak receive Covid-19 vaccines on 25 March 2021 at Juba International Airport | Photo: Radio Tamazuj

Health official in Warrap State is urging people to hurry up and get their first doses of AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19. Dr. Barac Malith revealed that about two weeks are left for people who want to take their first doses. The vaccination was launched in the state nearly two weeks ago but there is low turn up. As of Wednesday, less than 1,000 out 4,000 doses given to the state have been administered, according to Dr. Barac.

“The attendance is low. We were not expecting that there was going to be a low turn up like this. For example, Kuajok center, the biggest received between 60 and 70 persons. This is an evidence that the turn up is very low.” he said.

The medic attributed the low attendance to circulating rumors about the side effect of the vaccine.

“The reason for the low turn up is rumor. There are people saying that, if you take the vaccine, you may not be productive again. And there are people saying that many people died because of the vaccine,” Dr. Barac said.

The official stresses the importance of getting the vaccine saying, “the vaccine is to protect from the coronavirus.” According to World Health Organization, South Sudan, as of Wednesday has more than 10,780 confirmed cases of Covid-19 including 115 deaths.
In March, South Sudan received 132000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine from COVAX facility – an initiative undertaken by WHO and its partners ensure poor countries have access to vaccine.

The world’s youngest nation with an estimated population of 12 million people – mainly young people is left with a month to administer the donated vaccine doses before July 18th when they expire.

On Sunday, health official said more than 29,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine were yet to be used.