Security arrest suspect over Aganytok village Friday’s shooting

Security officers have arrested a suspect in connection to the recent shooting that led to injury of one person in Aganytok village, Abyei Administrative Area, official says.

On Friday night, a gunman fired several bullets in the village, wounding a man in the stomach in Abyei region where no one except, UN peacekeeping soldiers are allowed to carry firearms. The incident caused fear among residents.

Kelek Kon Lual who works as Security Advisor in Abyei Administrative Area said the suspect was arrested in Mayen Abun, Warrap state on Saturday by state authorities.

He urged relatives of the victim to be calm and allow the law to take its course.

“What I want to advise the family of the victim for, is to be patient and wait until the person will be investigated why he shot a person. And these people should not use their hands as a law. They should wait for what the government will do with such a person,” Lual said.

According to Lual, the wounded is recovering at UN peacekeeping mission’s health facility in Abyei Town. 

The unnamed suspect will be handed over to Police in Abyei for investigation, Lual said.