Joint court confirms re-arrest of fugitives


Community Police Center in Amiet | File photo

A member of joint court from Ngok Dinka in Amiet has confirmed second arrest of three suspects on Saturday.

It is alleged that a mob from Misseriya tribe had forcefully released the suspects from detention cells in Amiet market on Saturday but the Misseriya neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

Ring Deng Nyok said that UNISFA forces managed to hunt the culprits down and consequently detained them at their base in Todaj.

“UNISFA prohibited everyone to leave Amiet from northern gate. Misseriya protested that they had some lactating mothers among them so, they should be allowed to leave. In response UNISFA told them that they were the one who released the suspects by force and that they must hand them over. The Misseriya came under immense pressure and finally handed over the suspects to UNISFA at 6:00 PM on the same day.” He said.

Ring added that they will hold a meeting on Tuesday to address insecurity in Amiet. The Suspects were arrested by UNISFA last Sunday after attempting to hijack a passenger vehicle on Abyei town-Amiet road. Last week, UNISFA handed over the suspects to a joint court in Amiet to prosecute them.