Administration of Agriculture postpones livestock vaccination in Abyei to next week

A man leans against his young ox in Ameth-beek Cattle camp in Abyei Town in October 2019 | File photo

The campaign to vaccinate livestock planned for Friday this week has been postponed to next week 11th June due to delay in preparations.

The exercise supported by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) targets about 20,000 animals.

Director-General in the Administration of Agriculture, Animal Resources, Forestry and Fisheries, Rou Miniyel Rou said immunization was delayed to give ample time for preparations.

“It is postponed to date 11th for logistical reasons, on date 11th will have consultations with community and on 12th we will kick off vaccination. I think we will start in Abyei. On 11th we will tell cattle keepers that these are the vaccines, and we want to immunize cows and dogs. If people agreed they will identify vaccination centers and build fences.”

Vaccination aims at protecting animals from PPR and Black Quarter among other diseases. The administration of Agriculture, Animal Resources, Forestry and Fisheries in conjunction with partners vaccinate animals twice a year in Abyei Administrative Area.