Unidentified gunmen raid more than 30 cows in Agok

Cattle graze in Majok Noon village of  Warrap state.  | Credit: Arou David | AIRS


Unknown gunmen have raided 34 cows in Mathok Juac house in Rum Doong east of Juoljok market on Monday night.

An eyewitness, the daughter of cattle owner said her father was threatened with on his bed during strong windy night.

Anyang Mathok asked law enforcement agencies to hunt and arrest the raiders before crossing Abyei’s borders.

“I don’t know when these people came and took cows. I was woken up by gunshot that my father fired. I woke up around one o’clock in the morning. My father came and told me that the cows were raided at gunpoint, and he left in hurry to follow the cows. So, I did not understand who threatened him, when they came. How they took the cows. I didn’t understand for he was in hurry.”

Cattle raids are common in Abyei box. The recent incident was a cattle raid attempt in Minyang Anyiel.