Armed men fire gunshots, beat and loot in Agok

Soldiers of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) redeploy to form a new Joint Integrated Unit (JIU) battalion with the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in 2008 in Minyang Anyiel, under the terms of the agreement of the Abyei road map. Credit: UN Photo/Tim McKulka.

A group of armed men in military uniforms has looted and beaten-up civilians in “Mading Malual Malual” residential area in Agok in the early hours of Friday. The armed group of ten soldiers fired bullets in the air and intruded into some houses.

An eyewitness from Mading Yiir Yiir said assailants in military uniforms pull-out people from their houses and beat some of them. She said armed attackers attempted to rape underage female.

“What happened last night is that four-armed elements came to the home of a woman called Nyandharaba and started talking to her. Then her son heard them talking, he came out to see the people who had come at night. They started to beat him up then his wife came and asked them. They warned the woman not to interfere, but the woman insisted, after that they forcefully took mobile phones and bed sheets and they left. That is what happened in our area this morning.”

A chief in Mading Deng Mithiang refuted claims that women were rape early Friday morning. He urged families not to desert their houses in such a situation.

On Wednesday armed group kidnaped Ring Mithiang Teglai from his house and detained him in Rec-ayen but later released him.

These incidents happened as Kuac Aganya- a section of Twic Dinka of Warrap state claimed that Agok and surrounding areas belong to them.