Abyei widows’ microbusiness workshop kicks off

Abyei widows’ workshop on microbusinesses has started on Monday at Women Association premises in Abyei Town. The training is organized by Department of Social Welfare with support and facilitation of UN Gender Department and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The 3-day workshop involves forty women.

Nyangeu Dau a participant hailed the trainings saying they will acquire a lot of practical skills.

“It can help us in many ways, someone teaches you how to manage your things. It helps to manage the small thing that you have to uplift your child. Also, it helps in staying at home with our children to treat them and teach them to do this and that will help us. This is what I have understood.”

The  Department of Social Welfare said that Abyei Area Administration and partner organizations will implement the workshop’s outcomes.