Traditional authorities warned against crossing on old bridges

Men repair makeshift wooden bridge close to Aniet market | Credit: Chol Juac Chol | AIRS 2020

Traditional authorities in Madiing Jokthiang, on Monday warned people against crossing a wooden bridge that links Aniet market with residential areas South of Agok town. They say that the bridge is getting old and could endanger the lives of pedestrians.

The warning was made after one person fell off and broke his teeth on Sunday according to eyewitnesses. In a related development, on Monday, another man broke his leg after falling from a similar bridge in Mangok Achok.

Chief Nyuat Nyong urged people to cross the stream using causeways built by Abyei Community Action for Development (ACAD) a national organization implementing WFP’s food for assets project.

Ajak Ring, a woman who uses the same passage, appreciated the idea, and pleaded to those responsible to do maintenance to accelerate the work on the wooden bridge before rains intensify.