Abyei Islamic Council renews demand for Mosque land


Muslims pray in Abyei Town on 9 May 2021 during a breakfast organized by Abyei Chief Administrator, Hon. Kuol Deim Kuol | Credit: Karbino Dut Aguek | AIRS

The Islamic Council in Abyei Administrative has renewed demands for allocation of piece of land on which to build its Mosques.

The call was made during Ramadan annual breakfast organized by the Islamic Council under patronship of the Chief Administrator.

The occasion which was held under the slogan “Together for religious coexistence” took place on Sunday 27th of the fasting month in Abyei Town.

In response, Chief Administrator, Kuol Deim Kuol directed Islamic Council to coordinate with Administration of Physical Infrastructure and Public Utilities to get approval from council of ministers.

“Muslims are part and parcel of our community in Abyei. We have organized this occasion as government in solidarity with Muslims in Abyei as they are fulfilling their spiritual duty. I want to remind all of you that this government belongs to SPLM party. We treat all religions equally. What we don’t want is radicalism.” Said Kuol.

Hon. Kuol wished good health to fasting Muslims and that their fasting and prayers result to blessings from Allah.