Jonglei security detains civil society activist, David Garang

David Garang Goc, chairman, Jonglei Civil Society Network, Photo source: Ngang Philip

The chairperson of Jonglei Civil Society Network, David Garang Goc is being detained in unspecified location within Jonglei state’s capital, Bor Town.

Ngang Philip, a member of Jonglei Civil Society said the activist is in police custody, but senior police officer does denied his being there.

“The chairman of Jonglei Civil Society Network was detained and arrested by the police this evening.  He was taken there by the national security as they were investigating him,” Mr. Philip told Abyei FM on Thursday evening.  

David’s arrest is linked to a statement he made about the relief food theft in Bor town. Earlier this week, the state-based activist, accused authorities of selling part of the food assistance donated by president Kiir to the flood affected people. It is alleged some of the food was spotted being sold in shops in Marol – Bor Town main market. Responding, Bor Town Mayor, Agoot Alier Leek dismissed the report.

Mr. Philip called for David’s release after the constitutionally prescribed 24-hour detention for minor offences. 

“Let them be open and let the case be heard. If not, we are asking for the immediate release of the chairperson,” Mr. Philip said.  

Jonglei State Police Commissioner, Major General, Mayen Akoon confirmed detention of the civil society activist, but, he declined to disclose where in Bor town he is being held.

“I think those who are responsible for law or for law enforcement. I think they are keeping him. The guy…. has been kept somewhere, just for investigation, and then later on, if it is proved not…. to be guilty, then he is going to be released,” Gen. Mayen said.