Abyei administration urges farmers to prepare as agriculture season approaches

Land preparation. Courtesy of Reuters.

Abyei Administrative Area is repairing agricultural tools and machineries ahead of crop growing season which usually begins in May. 

The director-general of agriculture, animal resource, forestry and fisheries, Dr. Rou Manyiel Rou said it was part of preparation for agriculture season.  Rou urged farmers in Abyei to clear their lands before next month.

“Now, farmers are supposed to clean their farms because this is important at this time. Someone who has two ‘fedans’ or more should prepare, so plowing using tractor finds it ready and clean. And this something necessary this time. April should not end before people have cleaned their farms,” Rou said.

Abyei has 15 tractors that were donated by South Sudan government. Dr. Rou advised farmers `to buy fuel before its price shoots up as expected. 

“For a person to have his garden dug with tractor, he should get diesel ready from now; this is something important because prices of diesel will increase,” he said.

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) estimates that 60 percent of the population in South Sudan is increasingly hungry, a report published in March says.