Ayok Diil Worldwide mobilizes 9 Million SSP and 3,000 USD for returnees’ support


Ayok Diil Worldwide, a community organization has raised 9 million South Sudanese Pounds and 3,000 US Dollars to support some returnees in Abyei Administrative Area.

The money was collected during a fundraising event launched early this month in Rumamer county headquarters.

Atoc Akuek Deng, who is a member of the fundraising organizing committee says the funds collected will be used in buying some most basic needs for people who have returned to Mabok and Miodol in Rumamer county.

“Our plan is to hold a meeting with advisory committee, now that rainy season is coming. We will discuss how to use this money. Up to now we got total amounts of 9 million SSP, and 3000 U.S dollars. We are waiting for beneficiaries in Mabok and Miodol to tell us what their priorities are. We will explain the difficulties to beneficiaries, and we the committee will then decide what to do,” Atoch says.

Atoch added that the contribution was still going on and more pledges were yet to be received.

The initiative was taken to encourage voluntary return of internally displaced persons to Mabok and Miodol. Some unknown numbers of families have returned to these villages after fleeing violence in the past years. In April last year, armed men said to be from Misseriya raided Mabok village and killed four civilians.