Relatives of suspect of recent armed attack on commercial vehicle in Abyei suggest blood compensation

Relatives of the suspected assailant in the recent attack on a vehicle in Abyei Administrative Area want to pay blood compensation outside the court.

On the 13th of this month, gunmen said to be from Misseriya killed a driver and injured passengers between Abyei Town and Amiet market. 8 suspects mainly men from the Misseriya tribe of the Sudan were arrested in connection to this attack. 6 out of them have been handed over to Joint Military Observers’ Committee from Sudan in Todac but 1 has remained in jail in Amiet market.

The family of this man is pleading with the committee to accept blood compensation for the family of the dead and wounded persons and set their relative free.

The security advisor said the request was made on Tuesday in a meeting between Joint Committee made up of Ngok Dinka, Misseriya members and the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNISFA).

According to Kelek Kon Lual, the committee wants the man to be tried in the court of law. He however, said they will meet again soon to know the reaction of the victims’ relatives about the blood compensation.

Under June 2011 inked by South Sudan and Sudan, Abyei is guarded by UNISFA. It is the only the body allowed to hold firearms in the area. Despite this, killing, cattle raiding, and child abduction using illegal light firearms have been common in the area. Data compiled by Community Protection Committee (CPC), show that 443 people in Abyei were killed between 2012 and early 2021.

Some suspects apprehended in connection to some of these incidents were handed over to Sudanese authorities, but little is known about the accountability taken against them.