South Sudan secondary school examinations begin in Abyei

Students wait for examination papers in Agok sec sch. Abyei Administrative Area, |photo: Mayen Ayuong| AIRS| March 22nd, 2021

186 senior four candidates are sitting for South Sudan secondary school examinations in Abyei Administrative Area. 

The examinations started with English language on Monday and will end early next month.

196 students including 38 females in the area registered for the national examinations but 10 students have not turned up for the tests on the first day according to official.

The Acting Head of Education, Information, Culture, Youth, and Sports in Abyei, Nyanwut Miyen urged parents to give candidates sufficient care during the examination period.

“I am requesting the families of the students who are siting for examination to care and provide food for their meal. So, they do not return home only to find nothing,” she said.

The official calls on parents and guardians to create a conducive environment for the candidates.

“These students want a space to be stable and take rest before they revise their lessons. They should not be sent to the market or wash utensils at home. Give them chance, let them read,” she said.