Police release Achaak chief and his supporters from detention

Members of Achaak chiefdom in detention at Abyei Community Police Station on 15-03-2021 | Credit: AIRS

The newly elected chief of Achaak chiefdom of Ngok Dinka, and his supporters were released on Monday after spending one to two days in detention.

Multiple sources told Abyei FM that 15 men were arrested on Sunday in Abyei Town.

The head of community police in the town, Deng Mangar claimed the group was arrested to avoid chaos at the station.

“I see they have done something which is not in the law. They are supposed to demand for their right in a lawful way. But if they are demanding their right in a violent-related manner, the government will face and intervene.,” Mangar said.

The police officer believes this grudge should be settled outside the police station.

“The chiefdom is supposed to settle the problem by itself. But for all of them to come to the station is not right. The right thing is for the former chief and the new to come and solve the issue and see who chose the new chief,” Manager said.

One of those who were detained Abyei FM is not naming, said they just went there peacefully to enquire about the arrest of their clan chief.

Chief Nyuol Ayuel Kuot, was arrested on Saturday while attending a meeting organized by Bongo chiefdom. Kuot was elected chief of Achaak chiefdom last year, but his predecessor, Monyluak Monyroor has not recognized his election due to desire to remain in power.

It is alleged that the former chief is behind Kuot’s detention. Abyei FM contacted Mr. Monyluak but he declined to comment.