Construction of returnees houses nearly completed

Tukuls under construction in Dungob | Photo: Abyei Special Administrative Area FB

The construction of houses for the returnees in Dungob village in Ameth-Aguok county in Abyei Administrative Area is almost finished.

The Acting Commissioner of Ameth-Aguok county, Nyok Deng Rou says more than 20 grass thatched houses have been constructed.

“Now 23 are done. Our planning was to build 30 huts but we faced shortage in budget,” Nyok says.

The project funded by Abyei administration is intended to encourage internally displaced persons to voluntarily return home.

“Areas in northern Abyei are good for farming, peasant could plant any kind of crops, that is why we believe voluntary returning to Dongoup and Miyen Kor is important,” he added.

Many families have fled their homes in Dungob village due to insecurity.