Police arrest man in possession of suspected stolen livestock

Cattle graze in Majok Noon of Warrap state | Photo credit: Arou David | AIRS

Community police in Abyei Administrative Area have arrested a man in possession of more than 20 sheep and a bull believed to have been stolen. The livestock were seized from him and investigation is underway, according to official.

Authorities believe the animals were taken away from a Misseriya herder. Last week, a herder from Misseriya tribe reported to authorities in Amiet that his 28 sheep and a bull went missing.

The Acting Commissioner of Ameth-Aguok County, Nyok Deng Rou says they are taking necessary legal procedures to return the livestock to the owner.

“Yesterday we caught 28 sheep and one black bull, they belong to one of Misseriya herders. The police caught the sheep when the suspect was trying to cross with them to another site of the river near Abyei,” says Rou.

The commissioner says the suspect will remain in jail till the issue is resolved. According to Rou, the accused said the livestock were given to him by the owner as a reward for his long service.