Unity state oil refinery starts production

An oil facility in Unity State | File photo

The oil refinery in Bentiu, Unity State in South Sudan has started production.

Three trucks of the refined oil products arrived in the country’s capital Juba on Saturday.

The Deputy Managing Director of Nile Petroleum – Nile Pet, Engineer Ayang Malong told SSBC that the production will help stabilize the economy.

Eng. Malong says the facility has started with the aim of producing 10,000 barrels a day. He says the country will have enough fuel very soon.

“Having these three trucks today means that Nilepet has started to put the first fuel to the market not because we are looking for money. We want to have a share to help our people who are suffering,” he told state owned television, SSBC.

“These ten thousand barrels include diesel and furnace and very soon we will also have enough diesel in our market. We also have a little petrol,” he added.

The current daily production is 3,000 barrels of refined oil a day, according to Vice President for Nile Petroleum Group, James Lotika.

“In the next two to three months, we will expand it to be 10,000 barrels a day which will also produce both products diesel and heavy fuel oil.”

Mr. Lotika says there are plans to build four additional refineries across the country.

Despite being one of the world’s leading oil exporting countries, South Sudan has been importing fuel for domestic market. Sometimes, the country is hit by shortage of fuel causing price hike.

Currently, a liter of diesel or petrol is selling between 400 to 450 South Sudanese Pounds at the petroleum stations in Juba, a boda-boda operator told Abyei FM on Monday evening.