Abyei records 114 Covid-19 cases with 8 deaths in two months

114 new cases of covid-19 including 8 deaths have been confirmed in Abyei Administrative Area in January and February this year, official says. 

“On Tuesday, in a cluster meeting with organizations, we received the latest report about Coronavirus which has 114 registered cases of infection and 8 new death cases in January and February. South Sudan is trying to get coronavirus vaccine doses.  With the formation of the new state governments now, maybe there is going to be a general meeting with health ministers in the states in capital Juba to discuss the rise in the cases of the coronavirus,” the Acting Head of health in Abyei Administrative Area, Nyanwut Miyen Kuol says.  

Nyanwut added that many cases were being monitored and that efforts were being made to contain the pandemic. She says those who newly tested positive for the virus are being monitored in isolation at MSF hospital in Agok.

The health official has advised people to wear face masks in public places and wash hands with soap and clean water frequently to curb the transmission of the highly contagious virus.

These cases were confirmed positive among 600 samples that were taken and tested, according to the official. Nyanwut is expecting the arrival of covid-19 vaccines in South Sudan this week.

The total number of cases confirmed last year was 53 including 3 deaths. With this, the total number of coronavirus infections confirmed in Abyei has risen to 167 with 11 deaths.

As of  Wednesday, South Sudan has 8,414 confirmed cases of the coronavirus including 100 deaths, data on the website of South Sudan’s ministry shows.

Globally, as of Wednesday, there have been 114,315,846 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 2,539,427 deaths, reported to World Health Organization – WHO.

The first COVID-19 vaccination campaigns in Africa using COVAX doses began in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire on Monday this week, UNICEF says.

South Sudan was to receive 864000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines through COVAX facility by the end of last month.

The Director-general of Preventive Health Service in the Ministry of Health, Dr. John Rumunu, confirms the delay to reporters during the weekly update on Sunday. Eye Radio quoted him as saying, “We are waiting for further guidance from COVAX on how to proceed.”