5 civilians injured in Abyei road ambush

Unknown gunmen attacked a passenger vehicle, injuring 5 people on board between Abyei town and Awolnhom in Abyei Administrative Area.

The vehicle was coming from Agok when it fell into a road ambush on Monday evening, according  to one of the victims.  Mr. Monykuch Mawien Chol said 2 armed men in civilian clothes fired at the vehicle as it was close them. 

” We just saw 2 people going, but we didn’t mind because we thought they were normal people and it was still early. After reaching a distance of 200 meters, heard shooting. We saw one person running into the bush and another one stood and continued firing shots at the vehicle,” Chol explained.  .

The wounded were taken to United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei’s hospital in Abyei town for treatment.

The motive behind the attack is unclear. For his part, the area’s Security Advisor, Hon. Kalek Kon Lual confirmed the incident. He said the administration will look into the matter together with UNISFA.

 “In fact this issue will be looked at to see what will happen. This place is in fact a bush and solution to such ambushing will be found so that a protection is provided in that place,” said Lual.

Lual says the incident caught them by surprise as it happened deep inside the residential area.

This is the second time for a passenger vehicle to be ambushed and along the same road. In 2017, a woman was killed after the vehicle she was travelling in came under attack.