Abyei records 68 cases of covid-19 in two months

Frontline worker wearing protective clothes, Photo: Arou David | AIRS| January 2021

Health partners in Abyei say that there is a dramatic surge in covid-19 cases as 68 have been recorded in two months’ time.

This brings the number of confirmed cases in the area to 121 and 4 deaths since the first the first case was recorded last year.

Save the Children International – a humanitarian organization delivering health service in Abyei says the infection surge suggests preventive measures were not followed.

Its Health Manager says the relaxation of the measures to stem the spread of virus has contributed to the rising of cases. Dr. Jomama One Jomama says after the first lockdown were eased, people resumed hands shake, church services and any other social gathering.

“As I speak to you, people are greeting themselves through hands shake and patting the shoulders and are even hugging. So, you can imagine that kind of practice. It means it is possible for the cases to shoot up,” said Dr. Jomama.

The medical doctor warned that covid-19 will remain a major life-threatening virus if government does not impose strict measures, saying” If the government is reluctance and the National Ministry of health does what and nobody is implementing it, it will not be effective. Like now people are going to churches and public buses are so full as usual. So, this the matter is. It is good for an order to be respected, but if you don’t comply with the order, you don’t expect the cases to reduce.”

He said people have to take responsibility of of their health by wearing facemask, washing hands with soap and clean water and avoiding sitting in overcrowded places.

In South Sudan, the total number of confirmed cases is 5, 413 with 74 deaths, showing a drastic increase in the cases, prompting the National Task Force  on Covid-19 to re-introduce partial lockdown for one month effective from the 3rd of Feb to 3rd of March.

The order for the partial lockdown suspended church services and social gathering among other things. Further to the lockdown order, the National Task Force on Covid-19 has introduced penalties for non-compliance with the measures set to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The order signed by the chairman of the National Task Force on Covid-19, H E. Hussein Abdelbagi who is also Vice President of South Sudan for Service Cluster stated that individuals who defy covid-19 preventive measures will be denied access to service or arrested if they turned violent, while institutions that do not meet standard operation procedures  have their operation licenses withdrawn.

Globally, as of  14 February 2021, there have been 108,153,741 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 2,381,295 deaths, reported to World Health Organization.