Riangalei payam kills stray dogs

Dogs rests near abandoned shelter in Agok, Abyei Administrative Area

At least 22 stray dogs have been killed in Riangalei in Gogrial West County in Warrap State.

The 3-day campaign to eliminate stray dogs in the market and residential areas kicked on Thursday. This follows death of 2 children who were bitten by dogs infected with rabies in November and December last year. It was also alleged that more than 10 goats were also killed by the astray dogs.

“During the wet season, you might have heard that a dog with rabbis has bitten three children of whom, 2 died and another one is still in critical condition. The same dog had also bitten other dogs which are currently becoming wild. Another thing is that they kill goats and they also attack people. This is the reason the campaign was organized – it is a problem,” Mr. John Maluil Ajing, Executive Director of Rianaglei payam explained.

He says youths armed with clubs are assigned to kill the dogs without owners. Maluil disclosed that government will review the campaign to decide whether it will be extended by more days.

This month, some residents in Abyei complained that dogs have started attacking their goats in the bushes, in which they demanded government to kill them.

However, the county authorities say they are waiting for a report from the residents to see the best solution to address the issue of dogs.