Misseriya and Dinka hold meeting over pasture in Warrap state

Cattle graze in Majok Noon Village, Warrap state, Credit: Arou David|AIRS

The government of Twic County in Warrap State has announced that it is holding a meeting with Messeriya herders over pastures.

The meeting  scheduled to take place on Tuesday this week at Chan Wandit will determine whether the Sudanese herders will be allowed or not to graze their livestock in Dinka Twic land.

David Deng Kuoch a government official who is also member of delegation to the talks told Abyei FM that several issues will also be discussed during this meeting.

“We have a specific place in which we have allowed them to graze from. We have told them they should not cross to the residential areas because when they do that, they cause damages to people who grass for thatching. So, we have told them there is a specific place identified for them,” said David.

He said the outcome of the meeting will be shared with public after the team return from Chan Wandit area.

In dry season, cattle keepers from Sudan come to South Sudan to seek pastures for their cattle.

However, before they are allowed in, several conditions must be met by Misseriya herders. The conditions include entry without weapons and undisclosed minimal fee for the pastures.