Drugs usage awareness campaign starts in Abiemnom

Medical workers in Abiemnom Hospital have started drugs’ usage awareness campaign in Abiemnom in Ruweng Administrative Area.

Medics have realized that many patients refused tablets in favour of injections, claiming that injection heals faster than tablets.  Medical officials say that this community’s perception towards the use of medicines has led to increase in malaria cases.

The door-to-door drugs usage education aims at raising confidence in the community to know that tablets like injection is effectively treats disease. The team were sent out after it was realized that tablets were not taken by patients, claiming that tablets cannot effectively cure their disease.

“The patient say I was found malaria positive and because of that I want to be given injectable drugs because oral drugs are not okay with me. That is why we have sent Boma health committee to do counselling in the community to pass the message of tablets usage.”Awersion Santino Deng, a medical worker at Abiemnom hospital told Abyei FM on Tuesday.

Deng explained the medical condition under which a patient is given a tablet or an injection.

“I want to tell the community that injectable is given to someone who can not talk; someone who is unconscious; someone who is not able to talk the drugs, but if you are stable, you take oral drugs. And you take the oral drugs as prescribed by the doctor, then definitely malaria will go away. This is my message to the community,” said Awerison.

Awerison says the facility is optimistic that the campaign will improve patients’ perception towards particular drugs.

The issue of community’s perception surrounding tablets has been a big challenge facing medical workers in provide better treatment not only in Abiemnom. In 2019, a similar case of patients refusing to take tablets was recorded at several facilities in Abyei Administrative Area.

But some community members who spoke to Abyei FM said they preferred injectable drugs to orals because they do not require a lot of procedures to take.