Stray dogs kill livestock in Agok

Goats graze at the bank of Agok stream

Stray dogs have killed at least 7 goats in separate attacks on Tuesday in Makeraneet village in Agok, Abyei Administrative Area. 

Residents say the goats were attacked in one of the streams in the area as goats were going for water. One of the residents Mrs. Ajang Angui ,whose two goats were killed says a group of dogs had laid ambush on the stream during the incident. She says dogs’ recent behaviors in the area is a threat to  livestock.

“We are saying the dogs should be shot dead. Because now, they want to rob people of cattle and cattle is source of food. If you have a goat or chicken, you can sell and get food. Animal called dog must not rob people of goat,” said Angui.

According to the locals, the dogs killed the goats, sucked the blood and left the flesh.

Angui says the goats in the area cannot access water points due to fear of being attacked by dogs. She called on the authorities of Rumamer County to send community police to kill the dogs.

However, the Executive Director of the County says residents should submit their concerns to police for possible intervention. Mr. Diing Ngor says the report will enable authorities decide on best ways to address the problem.

Last year, there were concerns from public in Agok that stray dogs were uncovering dead bodies from graves at the cemetery, attacking people and livestock. Authorities were yet to respond to the complaint.