South Sudan’s Vice President asks people of Warrap state to shun communal violence

South Sudan Vice President for Service Cluster, Hussein Abdelbagi Akol speaking in Aweil 

South Sudan’s Vice president for service cluster has called on the people of Tonj to stop communal fighting.

This comes after communal violence sparked by revenge and cattle raiding raged on in Tonj throughout 2020.

Hussien Abdelbagi Akol said violence does not bring any development in a nation.

Speaking at a public rally at Kuajok freedom square on Monday night, the vice president regretted the incidents in which some lives were lost. Akol said the fighting in the state has caused destruction and it will lead to population decrease soon.

“I have come to ask ourselves all of us that is this our state? Or a place given to us on loan? And if it is our state, why are we allowing our citizen to kill themselves? Where will we go? Here I can see a Sudanese association here. When you hear the entry of Arabs into Sudan, this is how they came. Now that they have an association here and you are killing yourselves, will this area not be for them?” Akol questioned.

The vice president called on the youths and traditional leaders to refrain from violence and contribute to the development of the country.

Akol disclosed that fighting impedes supplies of food and medical assistance to the most venerable communities.  He further said other developmental activities such as road construction, schools and health facilities cannot be implemented in such a situation. The top government official said stopping violence is a responsibility of everyone.

In response, a youth leader in Tonj agreed to vice president’s call, saying the peace mobilization program is ongoing in the area.

Mr. Marko Mawien Monydhar says peaceful existence program among the locals and neighbors has already been initiated by youths’ body.

“What Iam working on now is the peace program. I move from one cattle camp to another when there are NGOs, I found to be facilitating my movement.” Said Mawien.

“Recently in Tonj South County, there is something called Marialbaai agreement for cattle keepers and the farmers. We talk to them how they should live together with people of Wau. And from within here, we selected one youth as a representative in our peace mobilization program because we believe everyone has a place of origin.”

Mawien revealed that one mobilization for people will take place in Tonj North and East Counties, aying  all these are efforts put in place by youths to ensure peaceful coexistence in Tonj region.

According to media reports, intercommunal fighting left more than 100 people dead and several others injured in Tonj. The latest was in December last year in which 7 people were killed in Tonj North County of Warrap state.